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Articles dans des revues avec comité de lecture (4)

N.E. Suyatma , Alain COPINET , E. Legin-Copinet , Florence FRICOTEAUX , V. Coma
Different Pla Grafting Techniques on Chitosan, Journal of Polymers and the Environment, Vol. 19(1), pp. 166-171, 2011.

N.E. Suyatma , Alain COPINET , V. Coma , Florence FRICOTEAUX
Compatibilization Method Applied to the Chitosan-Acid Poly(L-lactide) Solution, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, Vol. 117 (5), pp. 3083-3091, 2010.

N.E. Suyatma , Lan TIGHZERT , Alain COPINET , V. Coma
Effects of hydrophilic plasticizers on mechanical, thermal and surface properties of chitosan films, J. Agri. Food Chem. 53, 3950-3957 (2005).

N.E. Suyatma , Alain COPINET , Lan TIGHZERT , V. Coma
Mechanical and barrier properties of biodegradable films made from chitosan and poly(lactic acid) blends., J. of Polym. and Environ., 12, n°1, 1-6 (2004).

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Communications avec actes (3)

N.E. Suyatma , Lan TIGHZERT , Alain COPINET
Improvement of mechanical properties of chitosan films through plasticization with glycerol, EG, PEG and PG : Investigation of efficiency and stability, 9th International ISSM 2005 (Indonesian Student’s Scientific Meeting 2005). Paris, 30 September – 1st October 2005.

N.E. Suyatma , Alain COPINET , Lan TIGHZERT
Synthesis of chitosan-graft-poly(lactic acid) copolymers by direct grafting and ring opening polymerization, 8th International ISSM 2003 (Indonesian Student’s Scientific Meeting 2003). University of Technology, Delf, The Netherlands, 9-10th October 2003.

N.E. Suyatma , Alain COPINET , Lan TIGHZERT
Mechanical and barrier properties of chitosan blended with poly(lactic acid)., Biopolymers : Health, Cosmetic Food Applications – Polymerix 2003. Rennes, 21-22 May 2003.