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Anh-Tuan LE , Alexandre GACOIN , Alex LI , Ton Hoang MAI , Mourad REBAY , Yves DELMAS
Experimental investigation on the mechanical performance of starch-hemp composite materials., Construction and Building Materials, Vol. 61, pp. 106-113 (2014)

Alexandre GACOIN , Hervé PRON , Tchao ASSIH , Anthony OBJOIS , Yves DELMAS
Extensometric and Thermo-Elasticimetric Measurements to Characterize the Damage Evolution in Adhesively Bonded Joints : Application for the Adhesively Bonded Double Scarf Joint , The Journal of Adhesion, Vol. 88(2), pp. 171-186, 2012.

Jean-Fabien BERTHET , Ismail YURTDAS , Yves DELMAS , Alex LI
Evaluation of the adhesion resistance between steel and concrete by push out test, International Journal of Adhesion and Adhesives, Vol. 31(2), pp. 75-83, 2011.

Alexandre GACOIN , Philippe LESTRIEZ , Tchao ASSIH , Anthony OBJOIS , Yves DELMAS
Comparison between experimental and numerical study of the adhesively bonded scarf joint and double scarf joint : Influence of internal singularity created by geometry of the double scarf joint on the damage evolution, International Journal of Adhesion & Adhesives, Vol. 29, pp. 572-579, 2009.

Alexandre GACOIN , Anthony OBJOIS , Tchao ASSIH , Yves DELMAS
Experimental and Numerical Analysis on Adhesively Bonded Scarf Joints : Effects of the Substrate’s Material and Adhesively Bonded Joint Geometry on the Damage Evolution, The Journal of Adhesion, Vol. 84, pp. 37–59, 2008.

L. Bouazaoui , B. Jurkiewiez , Yves DELMAS , Alex LI
Static behaviour of a full-scale steel-concrete beam with epoxy-bonding connection, Engineering Structures, Vol. 30, Issue 7, pp. 1981-1990 (2008)

L. Bouazaoui , Gilles PERRENOT , Yves DELMAS , Alex LI
Experimental study of bonded steel concrete composite structures, Journal of Constructional Steel Research, Vol. 63(9), pp. 1268-1278, 2007.

Alexandre GACOIN , Tchao ASSIH , Anthony OBJOIS , Yves DELMAS
Experimental studies on adhesively-bonded scarf joints : influence of natural ageing on progressive damage, Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology, Vol. 21(9), pp. 871-882, 2007.

Cheikhna DIAGANA , Alex LI , B. Gedalia , Yves DELMAS
Shear strengthening effectiveness with CFF strips, Engineering Structures, Elsevier Ed., Vol. 25, n°10, pp. 507-516, 2003.

M. Dekoster , F. Buyle-Bodin , O. Maurel , Yves DELMAS
Modelling of flexural behaviour of RC beams subjected to localised and uniform corrosion, Engineering Structures, Elsevier Ed., Vol. 25, n°10, pp. 1333-1341, 2003.

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Communications avec actes (17)

L. Bouazaoui , Gilles PERRENOT , Alex LI , Yves DELMAS
Comportement mécanique d’une structure mixte acier béton collée, Congrès Français de Mécanique CFM’2005, Troyes, 28 août-5 septembre 2005.

Tchao ASSIH , Anthony OBJOIS , Jean-Pierre TROALEN , Yves DELMAS
Study of the mechanical behaviour of an adhesive joint bonded to axial symmetry tested in fatigue and simple traction, 7th European Adhesion Conference, EURADH 2004, Fribourg (Germany), 5-9 September 2004.

L. Bouazaoui , Cheikhna DIAGANA , Gilles PERRENOT , Alex LI , Yves DELMAS
Analyse du comportement mécanique d’une structure mixte acier béton utilisant la technique du collage, XXIIiemes rencontres universitaires de genie civil 2004 - Ville & Génie Civil, Marne-la- Vallée, 3-4 juin 2004.

Alex LI , Cheikhna DIAGANA , Yves DELMAS , B. Gedalia
Shear performance with externally bonded carbon fibre fabrics, 6th International Symposium on FRP Reinforcement for Concrete Structures (FRPRCS-6), Singapore, 10 pages, 8-10 july 2003.

D. Dontchev , Alex LI , Yves DELMAS
Predicted failure of strengthened concrete beams, International Conference Composites in Construction-CCC2003, Cosenza, Italy, 16-19 September, pp. 45-50, 2003.

D. Dontchev , Yves DELMAS , Alex LI
Shear and normal stress in strengthened damaged concrete beam, International Conference Composites in Construction (CCC-2003), Cosenza, Italy, 16-19/09/2003, pp. 51-56, 2003.

Cheikhna DIAGANA , Alex LI , L. Bouazaoui , Yves DELMAS
Renforcement des poutres en béton armé par collage de bandes de TFC, XXIèmes Rencontres Universitaires de Génie Civil « Le développement durable en Génie Civil », 2-3/06/2003, La Rochelle, France, vol. 1, pp.71-78, 2003.

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