Ngoc Giang TRAN

Ancien membre du GRESPI

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2017 2012

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Fazilay ABBES , Ngoc Giang TRAN , Boussad ABBES , Ying Qiao GUO
Modelling of the degradation of mechanical properties of high-density polyethylene based-packaging exposed to amyl acetate solution, Polymer Testing, Volume 59, pp. 449-461, 2017.

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Conférences invitées (1)

Boussad ABBES , Ngoc Giang TRAN , Fazilay ABBES , Ying Qiao GUO
Experimental investigation and modeling of the influence of the sorption on the mechanical behavior of polymer packaging, Invited Key Note Lecture, First Indo- US International Conference on Polymers for Packaging Applications (ICPPA 2012) , Kottayam, Kerala, India, 31st March – 2nd April 2012.