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Theoretical investigations of dc and ac heat diffusion for submicroscopies and nanoscopies
J. Phys. D : Appl. Phys. 35, pp. 204-210, (2003).

par   Françoise DEPASSE , Philippe Grossel , S. Gomès

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Thermal local micro- and nano-probes are currently used in scanning thermal microscopy (SThM) to characterize nano-structured media. In the active mode of SThM, the very small contact between the heated probe and the sample surface defines the region of the sample excitation. In such a case, the depth profiling is limited by the dimension of the contact zone and by the ac frequency of the heat source modulations. This paper furnishes the links between the mean temperature of the probe apex and the heat flow going through this apex. The response of the probe depends on the radius of the probe–sample contact and the heated zone appears, in the case of a mesososcopic source, only weakly sensitive to the thermal characteristics of the sample. The resolution of the scanning apparatus is enhanced in the case of a small buried default analysed in the frame of the first Born approximation of the heat diffusion equation.

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