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Assessment of calibration reference materials for high frequency photothermal measurements
18th European Conference on Thermophysical Properties, Pau, France 31 Aug-4 Sep 2008.

par   Nicolas HORNY , Mihai CHIRTOC , S. Chotikaprakhan , J. Pelzl

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The normalization procedure of experimental photothermal (PT) data to a reference material is an efficient way of getting rid of experimental artifacts in photothermal experiments, provided : (i) they appear in both, sample and normalizer, and (ii) they are convoluted multiplicatively in the measured signal. The errors in the reference measurement appear as inverted in the normalized signal. In this work, we investigate the thermal and optical properties of glassy carbon up to 1 MHz with photothermal radiometry (PTR). In order to study thin coatings, it is necessary to distinguish the part due to electronic limitations of the set up.

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