Article dans une revue avec comité de lecture

Magnetic field effects on Ni-Fe alloys codeposition
J. Magn. & Magn. Mater. 281 295 (2004).

par   K. Msellak , J.P. Chopart , Omar JBARA , O. Aaboubi , J. Amblard

Résumé :


The codeposition behavior of nickel-iron alloys was studied in acid sulfate electrolytes in the presence of a magnetic field superimposed parallel to the surface. The magneto-induced modifications in the Ni-Fe film compn. and morphol. were attributed to an increase of the surface concn. of inhibiting species (i.e. Fe (II)) by MHD effects. The x-ray mapping demonstrates a high homogeneity of the distribution of nickel and iron atoms throughout the surface under the magnetic convection, except in the vicinity of hydrogen bubbles, where can be obsd. a disturbance of the distribution of nickel and iron atoms. Also the magnetic field slightly affects the surface magnetic properties. The results of the electrochem. study reveal the same inhibition phenomenon that leads to reduce the c.d. and increase the adsorption-loop amplitude of the Nyquist electrochem. impedance diagrams.