Article dans une revue avec comité de lecture

Innovative plasticized starch films modified with waterborne polyurethane from renewable resource
Carbohydrate Polymers 61 174 (2005).

par   Y. Lu , Lan TIGHZERT , Sébastien RONDOT

Résumé :


Biodegradable, high performance materials were prepd. based on waterborne polyurethane (PU) from rapeseed oil based polyol, and glycerol plasticized starch (PS), which overcome intrinsic drawbacks of starch materials, such as poor mech. properties and water resistance. The blend films were prepd. by casting aq. dispersions of gelatinized starch and PU. The effect of PU content on morphol., miscibility and phys. properties of materials was studied by SEM, differential scanning calorimetry, dynamic mech. thermal anal., and measurements of mech. properties and water sensitivity. Glycerol plasticized starch mixes with rapeseed oil PU at the mol. level when PU content is lower than 20%, whereas phase sepn. occurs at higher PU content. Hydrogen bonding interactions between starch and PU play a key role in improvement of material performance. Compared with pure PS films, PS/PU blends exhibit higher elongation at break (85-480%), toughness (1.8-7.1 MPa), and tensile strength (2.8-4.1 MPa).