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X-ray radiography applied to an investigation of thermal diffusion
Meas. Sci. Technol. 16 1138 (2005).

par   Sébastien RONDOT , Damien ERRE , Omar JBARA , Dominique MOUZE

Résumé :


A lab.-built x-ray radiog. device (combining an x-ray tube as source and a CCD camera as detector) that is simple and easy to use is presented as a complementary anal. tool for the anal. of chem. processes. It allows the in situ acquisition of x-ray absorption images of solid or liq. samples with a lateral resoln. of 50 ?m and a sensitivity of 10-3 atom per atom. Its main application is in the anal. of liq. ionic solns. such as those met in electrochem. reactions where heavy ions move in a less absorbing medium. Despite a low resoln., a good absorption contrast in images of moving species in a liq. is obtained within a few seconds and the digital format of these images allows quant. measurements of local concn. changes in solns. For instance, the system has here been applied to investigate thermal diffusion in a binary soln. of potassium iodide. X-ray imaging of the soln. leads to the detn. of the Soret coeff. and to its evolution as a function of the muzzle concn. These measurements complement existing data on this thermodn. effect in a scarcely explored concn. field.

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