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EPMA analysis of insulating materials : Monte Carlo simulations and experiments
J. Phys. D : Appl. Phys. 38 1239 (2005).

par   N. Ghorbel , Slim FAKHFAKH , Omar JBARA , Serge ODOF , Sébastien RONDOT , Z. Fakhfakh , A. Kallel

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Using a realistic model for the elec. field build-up that takes into account detrapping processes in insulating materials irradiated by electrons, a Monte Carlo approach has been applied to ground-coated binary oxides such as Al2O3 and Nb2O5. Changes entailed by the internal elec. field build-up on the generation of the characteristic x-ray quanta and also on backscattered electron emission are investigated. The results clearly show that the depth distribution of characteristic x-ray prodn. is modified and the ? (?z) function for both metal and oxygen K ? lines is compressed towards the surface while the backscattering electron emission is roughly unchanged. The change of the x-ray intensities as a function of the elec. field is clearly established. The outcome is checked exptl. by measuring simultaneously the trapped charge and the emitted x-ray spectra during electron irradn.

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