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An experimental approach for measuring surface potential and second crossover energy in insulators
J. Phys. D : Appl. Phys. 41 105402/1 (2008).

par   Slim FAKHFAKH , Omar JBARA , Sébastien RONDOT , E.I. Rau , Z. Fakhfakh

Résumé :


The goal of this work is to first measure the second crossover energy E2S under stationary electron irradn. (charging conditions) and then to show that the charge balance occurs at this beam energy and not at E2C, the energy deduced from non-charging conditions (short pulse irradn.) as commonly assumed. The exptl. procedure is based on simultaneous time dependent measurements of surface potential, leakage and displacement currents. The study is illustrated by the est. of the real landing energy of primary electrons EL and the second crossover energy E2S for soda-lime glass.