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Temperature rise monitoring through red-to-green up conversion in Er3+:Sr0.3Cd0.7F2 crystals
Optical Materials, 30, 1044-1047, (2008)

par   Z. Chouahda , Thierry DUVAUT , Jean-Pierre Jouart , M. Diaf

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We have determined the temperature into the bulk of a transparent material excited by a red dye tunable laser thanks to a nondestructive
method using the green fluorescence emitted by the Er3+ ions incorporated in the material. A homemade Er3+-doped fluorite
type mixed crystal was investigated. The green emission obtained following the optical excitation of Er3+ ions around 652 nm is, in this
material, much more intense than in the oxides. The green emitting levels are composed of Stark sub-levels whose the electronic populations
obey the Boltzmann’s law we applied to determine the temperature as a function of time and of the incident power. The percentage
of the energy absorbed by the Er3+

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