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Mechanical buckling analysis of hybrid laminated composite plates under different boundary conditions
Structural Engineering & Mechanics, Vol. 66, Issue 6, pages 761-769, 2018.

par   B. Adim , T. Hassaine Daouadji , A. Rabahi , BEN HENNI Mohamed , M. Zidour , Boussad ABBES

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Abstract :
In this paper, we study the Carbon/Glass hybrid laminated composite plates, where the buckling behavior is examined using an accurate and simple refined higher order shear deformation theory. This theory takes account the shear effect, where shear deformation and shear stresses will be considered in determination of critical buckling load under different boundary conditions. The most interesting feature of this new kind of hybrid laminated composite plates is that the possibility of varying components percentages, which allows us for a variety of plates with different materials combinations in order to overcome the most difficult obstacles faced in traditional laminated composite plates like (cost and strength). Numerical results of the present study are compared with three-dimensional elasticity solutions and results of the first-order and the other higher-order theories issue from the literature. It can be concluded that the proposed theory is accurate and simple in solving the buckling behavior of hybrid laminated composite plates and allows to industrials the possibility to adjust the component of this new kind of plates in the most efficient way (reducing time and cost) according to their specific needs.

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