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A coupled thermo-mechanical pseudo inverse approach for preform design in forging
AIP Conference Proceedings 1896, 170004 (2017) ;

par   Anoop Ebey THOMAS , Boussad ABBES , Yu Ming LI , Fazilay ABBES , Ying Qiao GUO , J.L. Duval

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Abstract :
Hot forging is a process used to form difficult to form materials as well as to achieve complex geometries. This is possible due to the reduction of yield stress at high temperatures and a subsequent increase in formability. Numerical methods have been used to predict the material yield and the stress/strain states of the final product. Pseudo Inverse Approach (PIA) developed in the context of cold forming provides a quick estimate of the stress and strain fields in the final product for a given initial shape. In this paper, PIA is extended to include the thermal effects on the forging process. A Johnson-Cook thermo-viscoplastic material law is considered and a staggered scheme is employed for the coupling between the mechanical and thermal problems. The results are compared with available commercial codes to show the efficiency and the limitations of PIA.

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