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Microscale and Nanoscale heat Transfer – Analysis, Design and Application
Ed. Taylor and Francis / CRC, FL, USA, (ISBN 978-1-4987-3930-5) 496 pages (2016)

par   Mourad REBAY , S. Kakaç , R.M. Cotta

Résumé :

Microscale and Nanoscale Heat Transfer : Analysis, Design, and Applications features contributions from prominent researchers in the field of micro- and nanoscale heat transfer and associated technologies and offers a complete understanding of thermal transport in nano-materials and devices. Nanofluids can be used as working fluids in thermal systems ; the thermal conductivity of heat transfer fluids can be increased by adding nanoparticles in fluids. This book provides details of experimental and theoretical investigations made on nanofluids for use in the biomechanical and aerospace industries. It examines the use of nanofluids in improving heat transfer rates, covers the numerical approaches for computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation of nanofluids, and reviews the experimental results of commonly used nanofluids dispersed in both spherical and nonspherical nanoparticles. It also focuses on current and developing applications of microscale and nanoscale convective heat transfer.

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