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Photothermal infrared thermography applied to the non-destructive characterisation of the interface between liners and engine blocks
QIRT 2004, VKI Rhode-St-Genèse, 5-8 juillet 2004, p. F.5.1-F.5.6.

par   P. Laloue , Jean-François HENRY , Hervé PRON , J. l’Ecolier , F. Nigon , Christian BISSIEUX

Résumé :

The aim of the present study is to characterize the variations of thermal resistances between liners and engine blocks of cars ; a non-destructive evaluation is proposed : photothermal infrared thermography.
The thermal response of the sample submitted to a modulated optical stimulation is measured by means of an infrared camera. Then, a numerical lock-in procedure yields both amplitude and absolute phase maps of the thermal field periodic component.
On the one hand, an analytical modelling, associated with an inverse procedure using the Gauss-Newton parameter estimation method, allows the identification of the thermal resistance on academic samples, representative of the liner-engine block interface. On the other hand, the implementation of a numerical modelling allows studying two-dimensional defects at the cast iron-aluminium interface.
Finally, the method is applied to liner-engine block interfaces. The measured thermal resistances match the values obtained when a cast iron plate and an aluminium plate are pressed together.

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