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Effect of the formulation of starch-based foam cushions on the morphology and mechanical properties.
Journal of Cellular Plastics, Volume 51, Issue 1, Pages 31-44, 2015.

par   Georges ABI NADER , Catherine LACOSTE , Marie LE BAILLIF , Damien ERRE , Alain COPINET

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Cushion foam sheets, made from different blends of wheat starch, were developed with a co-rotating twin-screw extruder machine and compared to commercial plastic foam cushions. An experimental study was developed to identify the effect of three ingredients : glycerol, gluten, and sodium bicarbonate on the bulk expansion, the cellular structure and the mechanical properties of the resulted foams. The experiments showed that the properties of the resulted foams were affected by the formulation. Foams with high level of glycerol and gluten content had lower densities and higher expansion ratio, cell size area, and cell wall thickness than blends with high level of sodium bicarbonate, which had better mechanical strength but less elasticity and shock absorption. The extruded materials had shown their suitability for cushioning use by having comparable physical properties with the commercial plastic foams. The dynamic cushion curve test indicated that the starch-based foam sheets provided good shock absorption properties. They had lower and larger deceleration peak than the expandable polyethylene foams we tested.

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