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Early-stage dynamics in the onset of free-convective reversal flow in an open-ended channel asymmetrically heated
International Journal of Thermal Sciences 88, pp.40-46 (2015)

par   Guillaume POLIDORI , Fatnassi Sarah , R. Ben Maad , Stéphane FOHANNO , Fabien BEAUMONT

Résumé :

An experimental study from PIV in an open-ended vertical channel is carried out in order to describe the
fluid dynamics during the early stage regime of free convection inside a vertical channel asymmetrically
heated at 445 W/m2 and 1550 W/m2 uniform heat fluxes. The analysis allowed to detect a complex
topological behavior in the internal flow leading to numerous instabilities whose topological features are
described. Vortex formation and shedding, vortex splitting, separation and beating of the boundary layer
from one wall to another are identified, leading to an imbalance in the outlet pressure field which is
certainly at the origin of a large-scale reversal flow.

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