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Thermoregulation during incremental exercise in masters cycling
Journal of Science and Cycling, Vol. 3(1), pp. 32-40, 2014

par   Ahlem ARFAOUI , William BERTUCCI , Thierry Letellier , Guillaume POLIDORI

Résumé :

This article follows a recently published work on the effects of age on observed asymmetry during the mechanical process of pedaling for master cyclists and which concerns the majority of practitioners. The present work focuses first on the link that may exist between muscle mechanical imbalance and skin temperature imbalance. It is shown that the infrared thermography has not been able to confirm the mechanical asymmetries observed in the previous study. Moreover, a special attention has been paid on the possible relationship between the muscular skin temperature and the heart rate of subjects. Eleven male master cyclists were volunteers to take part in this study. The mapping of active members’ skin temperatures (gastrocnemius muscle) during a graded exercise used the infrared thermography. The skin temperature of the calves decreased as the subjects started the exercise and during exercise. Skin temperature distribution presents hyperthermal spots due to the presence of perforator vessels which reach the surface of the skin. These spots have been highlighted during the exercise.
Correlation was found between heart rate and skin temperature evolutions during incremental exercise. Similar trends in the evolution of these two parameters have been highlighted at the origin of each power level

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