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Temperature dependence of ascending bubble-driven flow patterns found in champagne glasses as determined through numerical modeling.
Advances in Mechanical Engineering, Volume 2013 , Article ID 156430, 10 pages (2013)

par   Fabien BEAUMONT , Catalin Viorel POPA , G. Liger-Belair , Guillaume POLIDORI

Résumé :

A numerical modeling of bubble-driven flow patterns in a glass of champagne has been carried out for three champagne temperatures, by using the finite volume method by CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics). In order to define source terms for flow regime and to reproduce accurately the bubble nucleation process responsible for champagne effervescence, specific subroutines for the gaseous phase have been added to the main numerical model. These subroutines allow the modeling of bubbles behavior based on semi-empirical formulas relating to bubble diameter, mass transfer, velocity and drag force. Both ascending bubble dynamics and bubble-driven flow patterns dynamics were examined respectively, 60 s, 180 s, and 300 s after pouring champagne into the glass. Details and development of the various steps of modeling are presented in this paper, showing that the bubble-driven flow patterns velocities of the liquid phase significantly vary with the champagne temperature.

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