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Measurement of thermal conductivity of granular materials over a wide range of temperatures. Comparison with theoretical models.
Proc. 6th European Thermal-Sciences Conference, Poitiers-Futuroscope (France), Journal of Physics : Conference Series, Vol. 395, 012081 (2012).

par   Guillaume MALHERBE , Christian BISSIEUX , Jean-François HENRY , A. El Bakali , Stéphane FOHANNO

Résumé :

This study is devoted to the measurement of thermal conductivity of granular
materials. The materials studied are foundry sand and steel shot. These measurements are
performed at high temperature (up to 640°C) by an unsteady state method using a cartridge
heater as heating element. Then, experimental results are faced with three analytical models
giving the effective thermal conductivity of granular materials. The thermal effusivity of these
granular materials is also estimated.

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