Article dans une revue avec comité de lecture

Automatic design and optimization of addendum surfaces for sheet forming process
Mecanique et Industries, Vol. 11(3-4), pp. 215-221, 2010.

par   Karl DEBRAY , Ming DONG , Ying Qiao GUO

Résumé :

In the forming process of a thin sheet part such as the automobile bodies or the components of electric household appliances, some surfaces should be added to the desired part in order to hold the part and to avoid the defects such as the rupture, wrinkling and surface scratching. These addendum surfaces are mainly composed of protection walls and blank holder surfaces. The main aim of this study is to propose a methodology and the corresponding numerical tools for the automatic design and optimization of the addendum surfaces in the sheet forming process. The automatic design of addendum surfaces is based on the creation of the curves of profile and surfaces of COONS. These surfaces are then meshed automatically and the simulation of the stamping problem is solved with the Inverse Approach. Finally, the geometrical parameters necessary for the creation of surfaces are optimized in order to satisfy the mechanical criteria for the process of stamping. These parametric tools of design-simulation- optimization make it possible to quickly lead to optimal addendum surfaces.

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