Article dans une revue avec comité de lecture

Finite element analysis of interfacial stresses in steel beams strengthened with a bonded hygrothermal aged CFRP plate
Revue des Composites et des Matériaux Avancés, Vol. 21(2), pp. 193-207, 2011.

par   M. Ameur , T. Hassaine Daouadji , Boussad ABBES , A. Tounsi , A. El Abbès

Résumé :

The use of carbon fibre reinforced polymers (CFRP) composites to upgrade structures and, in particular, to extend the lives of steel beams has wide applications. One of the main aspects of the bonded strengthening technology is the stress analysis of the reinforced structure. In particular, reliable evaluation of the adhesive shear stress and of the stress in the CFRP plates is mandatory in order to predict the beam’s failure load. In this paper, a finite element analysis is presented to calculate the stresses in the reinforced beam under mechanical loads. The FE results was compared with the analytical approach, and a parametric study was carried out to show how the maximum stresses have been influenced by the thickness of adhesive layer, by the fiber volume fraction and hygrothermal effect.

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