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Optimization of forging preforms by using Pseudo Inverse Approach
Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 504-506, pp 613-618, 2012.

par   Ali HALOUANI , Yu Ming LI , Boussad ABBES , Ying Qiao GUO , F.J. Meng , C. Labergère , P. Lafon

Résumé :

A simplified method called "Pseudo Inverse Approach" (PIA) has been developed for axi-symmetrical cold forging modelling. The approach is based on the knowledge of the final part shape. Some intermediate configurations are introduced and corrected by using a free surface method to consider the deformation paths without classical contact treatment. A new direct algorithm of plasticity is developed using the notion of equivalent stress and the tensile curve, which leads to a very fast and robust plastic integration procedure. Numerical tests have shown that the Pseudo Inverse Approach is very fast compared to the incremental approach. In this paper, the PIA will be used in an optimization loop for the preliminary preform design in multi-stage forging processes. The optimization problem is to minimize the effective strain variation in the final part and the maximum forging force during the forging process. The numerical results of the optimization method using the PIA are compared to those using the classical incremental approaches to show the efficiency and limitations of the PIA. © (2012) Trans Tech Publications.

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