Article dans une revue avec comité de lecture

An analytical homogenization model for finite element modeling of corrugated cardboard
Composite structures, 88 (2), pp. 280-289, 2009.

par   N. Talbi , Anis BATTI , Rezak AYAD , Ying Qiao GUO

Résumé :

In this paper, an analytical homogenization model for corrugated cardboard and its numerical implementation in a shell element are presented. Taking into account the geometric and mechanical properties of the corrugated board components, this homogenization model leads to an elastic stiffness matrix relative to the generalized strains and internal efforts for an equivalent orthotropic plate. Special attentions are paid to the corrugated cardboard behaviours under the transverse shear efforts and torsion moments. Both laminated and sandwich plate theories are studied and some important improvements are proposed. This model is then implemented into a 3-node shell element called T3γ18 for the linear and buckling analyses. The results obtained by the present model are compared to those given by 3D shell simulations and experiments. The comparison shows the efficiency and accuracy of our homogenization model.

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