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Parametric study of bonded steel-concrete composite beams by using finite element analysis
Engineering Structures, Vol.34, pp. 40-51, 2012.

par   Y.J. Luo , Alex LI , Z. Kang

Résumé :

The steel–concrete composite beam bonded by adhesive has particular advantages over the traditional composite beam. Based on the experimental push-out test, this paper proposes a three-dimensional nonlinear finite element model for the mechanical behaviour simulation of bonded steel–concrete composite beams. The proposed numerical model is validated through comparisons between numerical results and experimental data. The effects of certain parameters, including the elastic modulus of adhesive, the adhesive layer’s thickness, the concrete strength, the bonding strength and the bonding area, are investigated. Numerical results show that the influence of most investigated parameters on the response of the bonded composites is very notable, while that of the adhesive layer’s thickness (variation within 3–15 mm) is relatively small.

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