Article dans une revue avec comité de lecture

Reliability-based design optimization of adhesive bonded steel-concrete composite beams with probabilistic and non-probabilistic uncertainties
Engineering Structures, Vol. 33(7), pp. 2110-2119, 2011.

par   Y.J. Luo , Alex LI , Z. Kang

Résumé :

It is meaningful to account for various uncertainties in the optimization design of the adhesive bonded steel–concrete composite beam. Based on the definition of the mixed reliability index for structural safety evaluation with probabilistic and non-probabilistic uncertainties, the reliability-based optimization incorporating such mixed reliability constraints are mathematically formulated as a nested problem. The performance measure approach is employed to improve the convergence and the stability in solving the inner-loop. Moreover, the double-loop optimization problem is transformed into a series of approximate deterministic problems by incorporating the sequential approximate programming and the iteration scheme, which greatly reduces the burdensome computation workloads in seeking the optimal design. The validity of the proposed formulation as well as the efficiency of the presented numerical techniques is demonstrated by a mathematical example. Finally, reliability-based optimization designs of a single span adhesive bonded steel–concrete composite beam with different loading cases are achieved through integrating the present systematic method, the finite element analysis and the optimization package.

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