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Some investigations on transient mixed convection
Proceedings of CHT- 08, ICHMT Symposium on « Advances in Computational Heat Transfer », Ed. Begell House, CHT-08-218 (2008).

par   M. Ezan , Jacques PADET , Nadim EL WAKIL , R.M. Cotta

Résumé :

Fully developed mixed convection between parallel plates for transient laminar water flow is analyzed by making use of a finite difference method, in the case of a temperature step applied at one wall. Results show that during the transient state, both prescribed constant pressure drop and bulk velocity cannot be imposed. Velocity profiles are investigated. Comparisons of buoyancy, pressure and viscosity forces has been performed and compared to results obtained in steady state. They lead to the new definition of a transient buoyancy ratio RiRe(t).

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