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Effect of moisture transfer on heat energy storage in simple layer walls : case of a vegetal fibre material
International Journal of Mathematical Models and Methods in Applied Sciences, vol. 5 (6), p.1127-1134, 2011.

par   Chadi MAALOUF , Anh Dung TRAN LE , Mohammed LACHI , E. Wurtz , Ton Hoang MAI

Résumé :

This paper presents the results of a research that looks for to identify the effects of moisture transfer on thermal inertia and for different materials through the case of a simple layer wall under internal periodical conditions. To study moisture transfer in materials, we used a coupled heat and moisture transfer model in which moisture transport is made through liquid and vapour phases. The liquid phase is supposed to move by capillarity whereas the vapour phase diffuses under vapour partial pressure gradient. For the numerical approach, a simulation model was developed and implemented in the program oriented object SPARK. Simulations were used to study the effect of moisture transfer on heat energy storage in simple layer walls and mainly for hemp concrete which is a green material with low environmental impact. Sensitivity analysis identifies the most important parameters.

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