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Probe temperature and output voltage calculus for the SThM in a.c. mode
Supperlattices and Microstructures, 35, 269-82, (2004)

par   Françoise DEPASSE , Philippe Grossel , Nathalie Trannoy-Orban

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Abstract :

This study concerns the hot wire thermal microscope running in AC mode with given current intensity. The relevant output voltage constitutes the measure. Writing the Fourier equation for the probe temperature at different frequencies, we obtain a linear differential system with constant coefficients, the general solution of which can be written depending on the eigen values of the system matrix. The bounding conditions (heat exchange at sample and Wollaston contact at different frequencies) lead to the wanted particular solution. From the x-mean temperature we deduce the probe electric resistance and the ac output voltage. Results show the SThM sensibility variations depending on the sample nature and on the electric current frequency.

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